The SMRC difference

Years of experience

SMRC was founded in 2013 by Jeremy Swinfen Green, a highly experienced social media consultant who has worked in digital marketing since 1993. Advisors include the well-known digital start-ups mentor and entrepreneur Jo Vertigan.

The principals of SMRC have worked across every industry sector and understand the different problems of advertisers, media owners, not-for-profit organisations, and ecommerce companies. We have worked with kids, couples, families, the elderly, the disabled.

And because we have managed social media campaigns for numerous clients and understand the marketing benefits as well as the risks from social media, we are the right people to help you manage your risks in the most effective way.

Common-sense risk management

We like to think we are a little bit different from other digital risk management specialists. We understand that risk management shouldn't be allowed to spoil the marketing opportunities that social media offer.

We talk your language. We use plain English and don't try to impress you with jargon or frighten you by saying that 'everything has changed'. Common sense is the centre of what we do. And we are pragmatists. We take a very practical view of what you can achieve (and what you can't) and we don't try to persuade you to take unnecessary actions that have little real value for your business.

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