Is your brand's share of voice suddenly increasing? Does your sentiment analysis show a sudden downward spike? Is a different sort of social media user taking over your brand conversations?

You may well be about to experience a social media crisis. Or you may simply be seeing a temporary reaction to something on TV! But if you are not listening you won't know which. And, if there is a crisis on the horizon, you will be unable to prepare for it.


You can't predict the nature of a social media crisis. But you can plan for it. You will need to identify possible 'worst case' problems, prepare holding statements and template position statements, and develop robust roles and responsibilities and escalation processes.

SMRC can help you develop prepared positions that will make it far easier for you to manage the next social media crisis when it comes along.


Everyone knows that Practice Makes Perfect. And that's very true of dealing with a PR crisis on social media. A social media crisis is different from a crisis in the newspapers or on TV. It can happen a lot faster for a start. And it can get very personal. All this can make it very stressful for the people involved.

Preparation is not enough. You also need to have given your response team the opportunity to practice, to feel what it is like to be under the stress of managing a social media PR crisis.

At first they might respond too slowly, pick the wrong channels to focus on, forget to delegate. You need to give them the chance to fail in a safe environment. SMRC can help you create simulations so, when a real crisis comes along, your team will feel confident and act effectively.