Active listening

If you don't listen you can't learn! But are you listening in the right places and to the right people? If you don't know what people are saying about your brand and employees, you will be unable to respond in the right way.

Many organisation monitor how people are talking about their brand online. But if you are only looking for marketing opportunities, you may well be missing potential threats to your brand.

The secret is an effective "triage" system, using an experienced employee to make decisions on who will deal with which social media posts (and which will be ignored). SMRC can help you develop an efficient triage system with rules to define how individual messages are dealt with.

Controlling social media messages

How experienced are the employees you have left in charge of your social media? Do they work within appropriate management structures, and with managers who can advise them about best practice?

Many companies can demonstrate excellence in their proactive use of social media. But not all, and examples of bad practice are regularly highlighted in the press. (We are not going to bring a blush to anyone's face here, but do call us if you would like a few examples!)

If you are at all worried about the quality of your social media messaging, we can help you with advice, processes and metrics that can put you back on track.