Auditing corporate governance

Ignoring the risks posed by social media can be construed as negligence and all Boards should have a director charged with ensuring these risks are managed.

It helps if all board members are aware of how social media work and understand their own, individual, responsibilities to the company when using social media, either privately or on company-owned platforms.

We will evaluate your Board's ability to manage social media risks and ensure that you are prepared for them.

Auditing your business processes

We will audit your existing processes for managing social media risk. We will examine any areas where there may be compliance risks. This is especially important for companies in heavily regulated areas such as financial services and pharmaceutical. But any company that advertises needs to be aware of how to ensure social media activity complies with rules surrounding promotional activity.

We will audit your processes for managing reputational risks. The most common risk attached to social media, whether companies use it proactively or not, is damage to the company's reputation. Listening for potential problems, and reacting in the most appropriate way by "triaging" social media content, is a fundamental skill set. We will audit your organisation's abilities in this area, and identify how your processes can be improved.

A structured process

At SMRC we recognise the need for rigour in the auditing process, to ensure all important eventualities are covered off. To that end we have developed our own proprietary risk auditing process.