Auditing social media risk

You need to understand how social media can be a risk for your organisation, whether you are actively using it or not. We start with an audit of your organisation, looking at current activity, your policies, the behaviour of your employees and their leaders, and your organisational culture.

Mitigating risk

Once you know what the risks are, we will help you identify ways of managing those risks. This may involve writing or adapting policies, training your people, working on organisational processes, and cultural change.

You can't manage every risk of course so we will work with you to establish your appetite for risk and prioritise those risks that need the most attention.

Preparing for incidents

Unfortunately it's highly likely that something will go wrong at some point! After all your employees are only human. We will help you develop process for managing any social media incidents so that when they do happen you have the ability to put action plans, including communications, into place as quickly as possible.

And once you have developed your plans, we will help you practice implementing them, so that when a social media crisis arrives, your teams are familiar with the actions they need to take.